Sullivan alternator

Sullivan UV was acquired by the Acutronic Group in April 2019 and has become Acutronic Power Systems. We are a Baltimore, Maryland-based manufacturer of custom crafted starters, alternators and control hardware. Sullivan Products was originally founded in the late 1940s as a small manufacturer of control line products for the consumer model aircraft market.  These products were a success and over the ensuing years Sullivan created products for the growing radio control segment.  In the late 1990s,  Sullivan Products entered into the expanding Unmanned Vehicle market. Sullivan UV products are a direct result of the engineering experience developed while refining vehicle electronics/power systems, control hardware and fuel systems.

In addition to the defense marketplace, Sullivan delivers custom and turnkey alternator products for the consumer and commercial markets.  The organization’s overhead structure combined with our creative engineering staff, many who have flown and taught about UAV operations, enables Sullivan UV to design, build and deliver reliable systems faster and at lower cost than in-house designs.

We continue to market our products under the familiar Sullivan Brand and look forward to serving our customers with the same dedication as always and the addition of our long-standing, trusted Acutronic brand.


About the Acutronic Group

Acutronic has a proud history of building and investing in technologies and teams that are crucial to the aerospace, defense, robotics, and transportation industries.

Acutronic’s Motion Simulation Division is the global market leader in the development, design and manufacture of Inertial Guidance Test Systems and Hardware-In-The-Loop motion simulators. These high-precision motion simulators are used in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and consumer electronics industries to test and calibrate inertial sensors (e.g. gyroscopes and accelerometers that measure movement); Inertial Navigation Systems; stabilized exectro-optics, Electronic Stability Control systems; and in-flight engagement scenarios of missiles. Systems include single- and multi-axis rate tables; Flight Motion Simulators; and Target Motion Simulators. The Group’s U.S.-based Development Team also develops and refurbishes stabilized or gimballed-platforms utilized in applications such as tracking mounts, gun turrets, and directed-energy systems.

Acutronic’s Aerospace Products Division develops and manufactures specialty components for use on unmanned and optionally-piloted aircraft. These products are used on next-generation aerospace programs and include a range of servo-actuators as well as micro turbines and turbo-generator sets. Acutronic Aerospace offers standard products and excels at designing highly-customized solutions for demanding mission requirements.

The Acutronic Group employs over 140 employees, across sites in Austin, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Bubikon, Switzerland; Olten, Switzerland; and Hyperabad, India.