Sullivan’s 200+ clients hail from a wide range of backgrounds, industries, and locations across the globe.

Typical customers include:

  • Airframe manufacturers
  • Engine manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • UAV developers

Markets served include:

  • Military: Air, ground, sea and subsurface
  • Commercial: Agricultural platforms, natural resources monitoring, and mineral exploration
  • Research: Government labs, test sites, and education
  • Institutional: Universities and collaboration projects

Total systems in service:

  • Alternators: 1,050+
  • Power management units: 450+

What customers are saying about Sullivan UV

High Eye Unmanned Aviation

High Eye logo“We have successfully integrated Sullivan Alternator & Starter combinations for years, in both our lightweight and heavier unmanned helicopters. A close technical relation and exceptional quick customer care make Sullivan one of our best suppliers of high end UAV components. Every High Eye product is equipped with a Sullivan Alternator.”

Marijn van de Ruit, Lead Engineer, High Eye Unmanned Aviation


UAV Pro logo“Your assistance with our payload bird has been invaluable. UAV Pro came to you with a long list of requirements and your sound recommendations, first rate hardware, and follow up technical support truly made the difference!”

“To date we have flown multiple events utilizing your gear in support of a DARPA customer. The system and its components have performed flawlessly. As our client demands so much power at five different voltages this project would have been extremely difficult without Sullivan as a trusted partner. A huge thanks from the entire UAV Pro team!”

Joe Allman, CEO, UAV Pro Inc.