While Sullivan UV offer a large number of standard products, many programs need something a little different. It may be as simple as an unusual engine bracket or special regulator board or a completely new size of alternator. Most of the projects we deliver have some customization involved.

Typical examples are:

  • Customized electronic regulation and power system design
  • Alternators that fit uncommon engines
  • Alternators that fit defined spaces or environmental restrictions
  • Low speed or high speed alternators
  • Special length connectors
  • Custom starter adapters
  • Custom high power starters

Since we do our own design and manufacturing, we are uniquely capable of modifying existing designs quickly and efficiently. Often, standard designs can be rapidly altered or scaled.  Our capabilities enable us to supply one unit or thousands of a custom product based on your specifications.

We also make alternators and power electronics for non-engine applications. For more information please visit www.sullivanpower.com

We work with many clients in the UV and commercial industries. All of the work we do is kept confidential. This gives us extensive experience in many areas.

Please contact us with your requirements.